Perfume Discovery

3 saturday morning sessions

Join us for 3 morning sessions to discover the world of perfumery. Become a more educated fragrance shopper and understand how your sense of smell can influence your life.

SESSION 1 : Perfumer's Palette (August 16th)

  • Test your sense of smell
  • Smell & emotions: chinese portait of an odor
  • Natural and synthetic raw materials: difference and origin

SESSION 2 : Fragrance Creation(August 23rd)

  • Review the olfactive pyramid and the olfactive families
  • Create, blend and evaluate your customized perfume

SESSION 3 : A century of feminine fragrance and YOU (September 6th)

  • Discover the evolution and trends of the feminine fragrances decade after decade
  • Acquire some knowledge on your own olfactive preferences
  • Understand which perfume match your personality (profiling)

Sat Aug 16, 2014
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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The perfumer's place
Session 1: Perfumer's Palette SOLD OUT $130.00
Session 2: Fragrance Creation SOLD OUT $160.00
Session 3: A Century of Perfume & YOU SOLD OUT $160.00
Package 2 sessions (1&2) SOLD OUT $250.00
Package 2 sessions (2&3) SOLD OUT $290.00
Package 3 sessions (1,2&3) SOLD OUT $390.00
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44 Shelford Road, #05-01 Watten Estate, 288437 Singapore
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